Danger, Caution, & Warning Safety Bunting,
from About Bunting

Ensuring people are alerted to specific hazards, dangers, or warnings is vital for ongoing safety at work sites.

An effective way to both create a visual barricade and have safety messages seen and understood, printed Safety Bunting ‘flags on rope’, from About Bunting is a low cost solution to safety needs.

Our printed safety bunting delivers clear, highly visible messages to advise people of specific dangers, caution, or warning conditions.

We print Your Specific Safety Message on our Safety Bunting

One safety message does not fit all work sites – we will print Your specific safety message our Safety Bunting.


Select one of these popular safety messages, or choose your own:

Danger. Authorised Entry Only  |  Hazard. Proceed With Caution  |  Caution. Excavation

Caution.  Hazard   |   Work Site.  Authorised Access Only  |  Authorised Persons Only

Print the standard 1 in 5 flags, print every flag, or any mix between. Single sided, double sided, whatever you need. Because we manufacture onsite, we can meet your needs.

Standard Colours or Custom Colours – Your choice

About Bunting’s safety message bunting is available in all colours!

Choose from the standard vinyl colour selector below, or ask us about colour matching to your colours.


Why Safety Bunting from About Bunting is Better !

  • We print Your specific caution, danger or warning message.
  • We can print 1 in 5 flags, print every flag, or any mix in between.
  • You choose your safety flag colour AND your print colour.
  • We use UV Stable inks – won’t fade in the harsh Australian climate
  • You choose the length per roll – up to 500 metres in one continuous length of safety bunting
  • More safety per metre – larger flags + more flags per metre than the other guys.
  • Our safety bunting is durable, long lasting, and reusable

Contact our experienced team for a quote, or call 1300 767 792 for more information on customising your safety bunting needs.

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