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Plastic Pennant Bunting Flags for Sale

Low Cost, Durable, Vibrant Plastic Bunting

Create atmosphere.  Attract attention.  Define areas.  Be Seen.

Pennant bunting flags are vibrant and classic bunting product that has stood the test of time, customisable plastic bunting flags from the About Bunting shop add colour, create atmosphere, direct attention, define an area, and leave a lasting impression.

Extremely popular as wedding bunting, and as special custom bunting for shows, festivals, markets, clubs, schools, and sporting events, our quality plastic pennant bunting flags are the cost effective solution you're looking for.

With over 37 years of experience in manufacturing bunting flags, About Bunting are Australia's leading and most trusted experts in bunting construction. 

Classic plastic pennant bunting from the About Bunting shop means:

  • Factory direct pricing. You can’t beat that.
  • A quality bunting banner product that’s Australian Made and made to last.
  • A leading bunting manufacturer with 35 years of experience making bunting in Australia
  • Durable, quality-controlled products. Satisfaction assured!
  • Custom bunting colours. Your Choice. Match your coloured bunting to your company, organisation, school, or event colours.
  • Any colour combination. Up to 5 bunting banner flag colours at no extra cost. See our colour swatch for colour selections.
  • Australian bunting made at the length you ask for. You don’t have to settle for what’s in the pack - you get what you need.

To see our standard plastic colours, click here.

Product Information

Our plastic bunting is made from recyclable* LDPE (Recyclable #4). It's lightweight, colourful, and it attracts attention

Plastic bunting banners are ideal for long term outdoor use and will withstand being outdoors for many years without damage or fading.

Made tough, our plastic bunting flags are double stitched into white header tape, and our white header tape is reinforced with twine, for extra strength.

It is re-useable when handled correctly and can be stored for reuse. Ask our bunting store experts for details of correct care and storage. 

Australia and New Zealand bunting delivery is available.